Readefine Desktop

Beautifies text from Google Reader, the web and your computer for easy reading

Readefine Desktop beautifies Google Reader articles, RSS, plain text and HTML for easy reading. View multiple articles in a fluid, magazine style layout or navigate one article at a time in a book like multi-column layout. Tweak settings like font size, justification, column width, etc. for that perfect look.

No Flash? Download the AIR file manually.

Available on Windows, Mac, Linux. Use the installation badge above to install Readefine Desktop. For alternate methods to install, click here.

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New in 2.42 - 2.49:

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Readefine has a blog and is on Twitter. The original blog post about Readefine is available for historical reasons, but much has changed since then.

Alternate Installation Instructions

Follow these steps if the installation badge did not work for you:

  1. Make sure you have the Adobe AIR runtime installed.
  2. Download the AIR file.
  3. Now run the downloaded AIR file by double clicking it.


Readefine v2.49 © 2011 by Anirudh Sasikumar.

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